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Our Supplements

Our supplements offer a unique blend of high-quality ingredients meticulously formulated to support your health and well-being. Crafted with the utmost care and backed by scientific research, our supplements are designed to fill nutritional gaps, enhance vitality, and promote optimal functioning of the body and mind.

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Whey Protein


Essential for improved nutrition in our chronically protein-deficient nation. Packed with pure protein power (85g).

Who needs it:

  • Growing teens

  • Busy parents

  • Rehab clients.




Everyone knows the muscular benefits of creatine: improve explosive power, build muscle and maintain muscle mass for those who are injured. But fewer realise the skeletal (it improves bone mineral density) and cognitive (improvements in acuity) benefits.

Who needs it:

  • All athletes

  • Vegetarians & vegans

  • Injured & rehab clients

  • Elderly

  • Neuro-conditions




As the research body expands, so more people are realising the benefits of collagen: enhanced joint flexibility and recovery, improved bone health, rejuvenated skin, hair and nails.

Who needs it:

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Older athletes

  • Clients over 35yrs

  • All contact, collision, striking & wrestling sports

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